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Launch a giveaway and get your game discovered by 1000's of gamers

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Our followers are passionate about Action RPG and Survival games. 

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Receive games you find interesting. Get offers based on your preferences.

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Stop chasing game creators and asking for games. Let them come to you with their offers.

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Grow as a content creator. Gameoneer can recommend you to developers.

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Submit the form below and ask us to launch a giveaway. You will get a confirmation email within 48 hours if your request is accepted.

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We'll ask you to provide game keys and press kit so we could create a promotional banner for a giveaway

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We'll deliver results once your giveaway is completed.


We currently accept content creators who have 500 Youtube subscribers or 500 Twitch followers and more. 

The game offers are delivered based on your preferences and developer/publisher requirements. Joining the program provides the opportunity to receive keys, but it does not guarantee them.

Our Giveaway Results

V Rising Giveaway

V Rising is a vampire survival RPG. The developers have sent us the game and DLC keys for a giveaway.

Giveaway Page

V Rising giveaway received 751 entries.


162 users participated in the giveaway and completed 715 actions.

Twitter Post

The giveaway tweet gained over 100 retweets and reached thousands of gamers.

Let's launch a giveaway for your game

Please submit an email address that ends with your website domain name or can be found on your Youtube channel.
We accept only Steam or Epic Games Store early access and full release keys.