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About the Game:

Nightingale Brings Exciting Changes to the Crafting System

Crafting has never been easier!

Inflexion Games has released its first major patch for their magical Victorian survival game, Nightingale. The update includes quality-of-life additions for the crafting system, new weapons, enemies, and the development status of offline mode.

New features aimed at enhancing the crafting experience have been introduced. The most important one is the craft-from-storage feature, which allows you to access materials from your storage while at the crafting tables, so you will no longer have to rummage through your chests to find what you need. Queued crafting is another addition that allows you to line up multiple recipes for crafting simultaneously.

While crafting, you were able to enhance your gear with different attributes depending on the material you used. However, this system had a few limitations and has been reworked by removing redundant stats while buffing others. The wide selection of tiers of the same item has been reduced to make upgrading more streamlined, so your chests will no longer be filled with 20 different types of fiber, for example. This can impact items crafted before the update as well, so if your weapons feel a little different, this is why. Compulsive sorting has finally been added to chests, by clicking this button, it will check what items there are in storage and transfer any similar item from your inventory to the storage.

The material requirements for many building sets have been significantly lowered, allowing you to build your base faster and cheaper. This will mostly impact ‌late-game sets, making it an easier choice to rebuild your house.

If you are up for some combat, one-handed tools got new combat abilities, making them more useful. The hammer does a flurry of blows, which will deal faster and higher damage the longer you hold the button, the Sickle got a wide sweep and a boomerang attack for crowd control and easy resource gathering, and the knife deals critical damage when performing backstabs. Two new offhand weapons, grenades, and throwing knives have also been added, along with an early-game explosive blunderbuss that you can obtain from a quest. The update has also introduced new enemies, while some of the old ones receiving new attacks, which makes it perfect for testing out the new weapons.

Additionally, Inflexion Games has revealed that they are working hard on the highly anticipated offline mode, and more details about it will be announced in the near future.

What do you think about the changes to the crafting system? Let me know in the comments.

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