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Creator Program

Keep focusing on creating content. We'll get you covered with the latest games.

Receive Game Keys

Get access to the latest Action RPG and Survival games for free.

Play Games You Enjoy

Receive games you find interesting. Get offers based on your preferences.

Have More Free Time

Stop chasing game creators and asking for games. Let them come to you with their offers.

Get Recommendations

Grow as a content creator. Gameoneer can recommend you to developers.

Some of our community creators

The publishers we've recently worked with

How it works

Join the program

Submit the form and apply for the program. You will get a confirmation email within 48 hours if accepted.

Get offers

The game offers will be delivered straight to your email inbox. Pick what you want to cover and get keys.


Share the content you have created. We really want to see it!


We currently accept content creators who have 1000 Youtube subscribers or 1000 Twitch followers and more. 

The game offers are delivered based on your preferences and developer/publisher requirements. Joining the program provides the opportunity to receive keys, but it does not guarantee them.

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Only if you picked 'I create gameplay videos' option.
Only if you picked 'I make review videos' option.
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