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Reach Creators

Reach the right content creators and get your game in front of 1000's of gamers

Reach Your Ideal Audience

Our creators are passionate about Action RPG and Survival games, and so does their audience.

Get Quality

Our program accepts only active content creators and keeps track of their performance for best results.

Find the Right Creators

We send offers based on your requirements and creator interests. This allows to reach the right people.

Save Time

Spend less time looking for creators who would love to cover your game. Let us find content creators for you.

Gameoneer creator program members have


Some of our community creators

The publishers we've worked with

How it works

Tell us about your game

Provide details about your game and what content creators you want to reach. You will get a confirmation email within 48 hours if your request is accepted.

Deliver the game keys

We'll ask you to deliver the game keys and send your offer to creators who match your preferences best.

Get results

Creators will create coverage for your game and help you attract more players.


– We accept Action RPG, RPG Shooter, Survival Craft, Survival Shooter, Action Survival games. Check the games page or contact us to confirm if your game fits into any of these categories.

What we don’t accept:

–  Adult 18+ games

– Games that contain racism or discrimination

– Games that contain copyrighted content

We currently accept only Steam and Epic Games Store keys for early access/full release.

If your game is free to play, please send us a message instead. We can share your game news on our website and social media channels.

Submit offer

Please submit an email address that ends with your website domain name or can be found on your Youtube channel.
We'll ask for additional keys depending on how many players need to play your game. Please keep in mind that the more players you request for co-op, the less creators will be able to accept your offer.
Please keep in mind that the more subscribers/followers you ask for, the less creators will be able to accept your offer.
Enter the time frame or submit one specific date.. Ex: "I would like it to be published before February 10, 2022", or "I would like it to be published on March 10, 2022".