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About the Game:

DayZ Announces Its Most Chilling ‘Frostline’ DLC

Survival continues in the Sakhal archipelago.

Bohemia Interactive has announced a brand-new expansion for their popular zombie mod turned game, DayZ. The Frostline DLC is said to deliver an experience that hasn’t been seen before in the game, coming with new challenges, a map, and wildlife.

Frostline is set on the snowy Sakhal archipelago. You play as a refuge in search of this place. However, once you get off the boat, you notice everything is in ruin and frozen over. With nowhere else to go, you decide to stay on the island. Survival here will be tough and different from the other maps, as you have to deal with freezing temperatures, Arctic wildlife and newly introduced diseases. The fishing mechanics will be improved as well to give you more of a fighting chance, that is, if you can find a spot that is not covered in ice.

The archipelago has a size of 83km² and is covered with forests, icy lakes, and volcanoes. While the volcanoes might be inactive, they will still pose a threat to your health. Get in proximity to them, and you will have other environmental hazards to deal with. While the developers have not directly stated what these will be, a screenshot they posted suggests there are still volcanic gasses in the air. This means finding the appropriate gear will be crucial when exploring the island. The developers also hinted that this place has something darker going on beneath the ground.

There will be plenty of POIs to visit and loot for new gear that will help you survive in this frozen wasteland. We can expect this DLC to drop onto Steam later this Fall, with more details to follow. 

Are you excited about this new map?

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