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DayZ: The Latest Update Improves the Map and Makes the Sky More Realistic

Explore the revamped areas in a new light.

Bohemia Interactive has made some huge revamps in the latest update for their well-known zombie survival game DayZ. The developers have introduced some highly anticipated changes to the Vybor Air Base, cleaned up the skies, and added new weapons and points of interest.

The Vybor Air Base has undergone a huge transformation with this update. It now features brand-new Points of Interest, making it an even more exciting location to explore. With the more open area, this location has become a high-risk, but also high-reward zone.

The transition between day and night is now more seamless than ever before. The clouds have been given a significant upgrade, and they look more defined and realistic. They also added a custom sky box for both Chernarus and Livonia, which makes each region feel distinct and unique.

If you’re a fan of the old Arma 2 DayZ Mod, you might recognize the Designated Marksman Rifle, a semi-automatic firearm that’s based on the real-life M14. This rifle shoots .308, it can be equipped with most Western sights and can hold around 10 or 20 rounds per magazine. It will be perfect for anyone looking for a mid-range shooting gun.

A compact shovel has been added to bury your valuables, so other players can not steal them. 

The developers have also introduced a new feature that will make it easier for friends to find one another, called player spawn groups. This feature allows players to switch between different spawn points around the map. While you can only choose the area and not the exact location, you will still need to look around until you find each other. However, this feature should make it easier as you do not have to know the entire map, making this perfect for new players. 

If this wasn’t enough DayZ for you, the developers will be celebrating the game’s 10-year anniversary soon, as well as Christmas next month.

How do you like the new sky upgrade? Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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