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About the Game:

The Long Dark is Getting a New Vicious Predator

Cougars, the Misery mode, and more ways to survive.

Hinterland Studio has revealed more details about the upcoming Tales of the Far Territory update for The Long Dark. We got a more in-depth look at one of the new predators, additional difficulty settings, and a potential release date for the update’s release.

The developers are about to introduce a new dangerous predator to the game, and this time, Cougars will test your survival skills. When they add new wildlife, they look at how they can add fresh gameplay to the game. The cougars will be different from other predators, as they are territorial and will show up if you spend a lot of time in the same region. So, the longer you stay in an area, the more dangerous that place becomes.

Luckily, there will be a few warning signs before they show up and occupy the region. This makes having a base in a different area a must. After a while, they will no longer be interested and will move on to a different place. While Cougars are very powerful and can easily outrun you, this does not mean you cannot counterattack them and even kill them. However, if this sounds too stressful, there is a setting to turn off cougar spawns in your world.

In Part Five, a new region called the Mountain Pass will be released. This final Tales of the Far Territory DLC area features steep terrain, a narrow road, rope-climbing, and harsh winter weather. It will conclude the Rüdiger storyline, and completing it will reward you with new feats. Also, a new difficulty, known as “Misery” will be introduced for veteran players and will add six new afflictions. An optional “cheat death” system will also be implemented, allowing players to continue playing after dying. This seems like a big change, as The Long Dark is known for its difficulty and perma death experience.

The developers hope to release the update in the second half of June if the playtests are smooth sailing. The Nintendo Switch release has been delayed slightly as it is currently being reviewed by Nintendo. 

What do you think of the cougars, are you looking forward to them, or are you turning them off?

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