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About the Game:

Under A New Sun Releases into Early Access on November 13th

Stranded on a hostile Earth-like planet.

New Horizon Games is about to release their first survival game. Under A New Sun blends futuristic items with handcrafted primitive tools in a similar coat to games like Stranded Deep. 

You are one of the multiple people who were on a mission to inhabit a new planet and set up a life for humanity to thrive. However, something went wrong, and you crash-landed on the beach of a tropical island. You wake up from your Cryo capsule on an unknown planet filled with plants and animals similar to Earth. You are stranded with no one else in sight. Your mission is to find your missing crew, uncover where you are, and unravel the disturbing events that led to your ship crashing.

As you awake on the beach, you find a letter on the side of your pod from an old friend. He left the island in search of a more habitable location. Now that you are on your own, the game will test your survival skills. You will have to endure hunger, thirst, and exposure to harsh weather conditions that range from scorching heat to bone-chilling cold. When you thought this was the worst nature could throw at you, the island and surrounding locations are also inhabited by hostile creatures like poisonous snakes. Hunt smaller creatures like crabs to harvest their meat, so you can stay well-fed.

Under a new sun crab hunting

While exploring, be sure to keep a watchful eye out for old machines that still roam the landscape, as they can be dangerous and unpredictable.

As you build a small boat and embark on your adventure, you will traverse through a variety of different locals such as tropical islands, underwater locations, and ancient wrecks. 

To harvest resources like logs and stones, you start by creating primitive tools and buildings, but will work your way up to modern machines that run on electricity that you can create using solar panels. 

While the game uses the regular crafting system where you select what you want from a menu, this is not the only way to make items. Some crafting recipes require a little more involvement. After building a loom, you need to physically drag items onto it in order to craft cloth, or you can take an axe to some freshly chopped logs to cut them down into planks.

Under A New Sun will launch into Early Access on the 13th of November on Steam, but what can we expect from the future of the game? 

There will be more areas to explore, new wrecks on the dry land, and points of interest in the waters. More unique items, crafting recipes, and a larger variety of ships to build. A gardening system will be added, so people can stay in one place permanently. The wildlife will be getting an upgrade, while the story will be expanded upon in the coming year. 

The developers’ current plan is to leave early access sometime in 2024. This can also change if the scope of the project increases. 

The game is currently only playable in single-player, with no plans for a multiplayer mode yet.

Are you going to play Under A New Sun? Let me know in the comments.

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