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About the Game:

Frozen Flame Preview: Charming Survival Adventure

Dreamside Interactive just released their survival RPG Frozen Flame. Here is what you can expect from the game in the first few hours..

Frozen Flame can be enjoyed either solo or with up to 50 players. When you start the game and finish the tutorial you get to make a character. While there are not many options to choose from you can make very distinct-looking characters. As stated before Frozen Flame mixes the action RPG with the survival genre making for a pretty unique feeling game.

RPG elements

While you venture through the world of Arcana your goal is to stop the evil Faceless who is trying to turn the world into ice. No rush though there are plenty of side quests to keep you busy. 

While exploring the player can find different rune stones that when activated give a selection of mini-challenges. These range from finding a number of smaller stones in the area, to fishing, popping targets, and more. Upon clearing them you will be rewarded with a lot of experience. 

When leveling up you get an item called a Frozen Flame which you can spend at the various altars across the game. These altars act as your skill tree but instead of it being accessible in a menu you will have to go out and find them in the world. There are both passive buffs like extra health or a selection of skills like healing and earth stomp to choose from.

For those who like exploring and collecting you will find rune stones, lore tablets, and memorials all across Arcana. Each gives you a small amount of exp as well as other items. 

The world is split up into different floating islands, you start on a large and rather peaceful one. By continuing the quest line you unlock portals to other places.

frozen flame early access ice enemy


Frozen Flame borrows some of the relaxing and fun parts of the survival genre but leaves out all the thirst and hunger bars. Resource gathering mainly consists of chopping trees, mining rocks, and harvesting plants amongst other things. 

Cooking is part of the game and goes rather in-depth with a large selection of raw ingredients that you can combine or cook on their own to create different recipes with various benefits. Cooking will mainly be used to heal the player and to get buffs like extra health or resistance. 

Over the course of the game, you will learn new crafting recipes. Both from obtaining new resources as well as completing quests. The workbench will be your best friend since this is where you will be able to create weapons and armor to protect yourself against the dangers that lurk in the world.

There is a variety of weapons to choose from. The main ones are the sword which is a little slow but deals a considerable amount of damage. The bow uses up stamina instead of arrows, the longer you charge it up the more damage you will do. And finally a staff, the raw damage output is the weakest of all starter weapons but it deals AoE damage and sets the enemies on fire for a short duration of time.

Fire is considered an elemental attack, there are multiple in the game and each element has a weakness for example ice enemies will be weak against fire attacks. Attacking with an enemy’s weakness increased the damage by 50%.

There are three different materials that you can use to make buildings out off. Branches will give you makeshift floors and walls. Wooden planks which can be crafted at the sawmill create well, wooden variants. And finally, there is stone as well. To fill up your home you can craft a lot of different workstations, gardens, beds, and more.

This is what you can expect in the first few hours of playing Frozen Flame.

What is your favorite aspect of the game? Let me know in the comments.

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