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How to Turn V Rising Into 3rd Person Over the Shoulder Game

What can make V Rising a more immersive game? A 3rd person over the shoulder camera. Here’s how to make it work.

Note: While The ThirdPersonCamera mod works for now as shown in the video, it is recommended to use the ModernCamera mod instead. It also adds first person support. The mod won’t work on official servers. Follow the steps below.

3 Simple steps

1. Download BepInExPack V Rising modding tool and Install it by moving all the files from BepInExPack_V_Rising folder into <Steam Folder>\steamapps\common\VRising directory, then launching the game. Once the game starts, you can exit it.

2. Download ModernCamera mod and move ModernCamera.dll file into <Steam Folder>\steamapps\common\VRising\BepInEx\plugins directory.

3. Enjoy the game without camera limitations!

Optional: if you want to lock the camera rotation and aim direction as in the video with the ThirdPersonCamera mod, go to VRising\BepInEx\config directory and edit Travanti.ModernCamera.cfg file.


CameraRotateMode = Held

CameraAimMode = Normal


CameraRotateMode = Toggle

CameraAimMode = Forward

Then use the right mouse button to activate the camera rotation and aim modes.

How do you like V Rising with unlocked camera? Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments.

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1 Comment

  1. ADHD Gamer

    I didn’t even know this mod existed. I am most definitely install this one.

    Thanks for sharing

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