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About the Game:

Outpost: Infinity Siege Introduces Base Defense Weapons

Setting up your base with strong defenses is the key to survival.

Team Ranger, the developers behind the upcoming tower defense game Outpost: Infinity Siege, has released a video showcasing some of the siege weapons that you will have at your disposal. While you are out on scavenge missions or at your base defending from an army of robots, heavy weaponry is necessary to survive.

A location you will often be visiting is a research center where you unlock different types of turrets. The first weapon that will be available when you start the game is the machine gun turret, which has high accuracy and a high rate of fire. It is cost-effective, so perfect to build around your base. The downside is this turret will only be able to destroy weak enemies, and it has a high ammo consumption. You will have to manually reload them using ammo crates, however, this can later be fully automated so you can join them on the battlefield.

The 30mm light gun has armor-piercing explosive rounds that are effective against heavily armored enemies, making it a great match with the gun turret. Throughout the game, you can unlock different upgrades for it, one of them being twin barrels to double the explosive firepower.

The CIWS has a very high rate of fire that can be tweaked at the control center, this turret is good to use against aerial enemies. 

The smart mortar and 105mm advanced artillery are some of the strongest automatic weapons in your arsenal. They will target weak points and can be manually fired, unlike the other turrets. You might want to keep this one in the back and only use them when necessary, are the ammo that they consume is very rare.

As for the most powerful weapon the 46mm Cruiser Cannon is what you are looking for. However, this triple-barreled beast can only be used while you are in command mode.

These are some of the defenses we will get to play around with once the game launches on March 26th. 

What do you think of these siege weapons? Let me know in the comments.

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