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About the Game:

Smalland Adds a Slew of New Tamable Creatures

Now almost every bug can become your companion!

Have you ever wanted to see a greater variety of tame creatures in Smalland? The latest patch for the game not only makes almost all the creatures tamable but also allows you to have more than one follower.

In the taming update, you can craft traps to capture creatures. Traps are categorized into four tiers: basic, improved, advanced, and superior. Each tier offers a higher chance of successfully capturing your target.

There are two ways to lure the bugs you want into traps. You can do it peacefully by placing the trap, and creatures will be drawn to the bait. Alternatively, you can engage a specific creature in combat, weaken it, and then place the trap in front of them to improve the capture chance. This new system has expanded the taming pool in Smalland, making nearly every creature in the game tamable, bringing the total up to 38.

The party size has been expanded, allowing multiple creatures to follow you simultaneously. Each creature has a party value, which varies based on level and species. The maximum party value you can have is 100, so you will be able to mix and match different bugs until you reach that number. Ants and ladybugs, for example, are low-budget creatures, so you can have many of them follow you at once. On the other hand, geckos or scorpions are considered high-budget, so you will reach the maximum value quickly if you use those.

Creatures now also have traits when you tame them. There are over 15 different ones, and they come in four tiers: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary, offering benefits like increased durability or generating a healing aura. You have the ability to pet bugs, which strengthens the bond with your companion. A higher bond boosts their health and increases their damage output. However, if you neglect them, your bond with them will decrease, and once it reaches zero, they may decide to run away from you.

In combat, when a creature reaches zero HP, they become incapacitated. They will die after a short period of time unless you heal them with a revive incense, which can be crafted at a workbench, or if the enemy deals the final blow. So make sure you always carry some incense if you go out with your horde of bugs.

Do you think it’s better to have multiple weaker followers or one strong follower?

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