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About the Game:

Abiotic Factor Releases on May 2nd

This could be the greatest Half-Life inspired survival experience.

Deep Field Games is about to release their highly anticipated office survival game, Abiotic Factor. The game is set in an underground research facility, where you get trapped after a horrible accident, have to survive and find your way out.

GATE is a large company with multiple research laboratories around the world, where various anomalies and paranormal entities are being explored. However, one day, the horrifying creatures broke loose in one of the facilities, turning the workplace into a battleground as they began killing the scientists. The higher-ups have no plans to send help and have locked down the lab to contain the threat. Your goal in Abiotic Factor is to unlock the different floors of the lab one by one, sometimes venturing into alternate dimensions to retrieve items and escape the facility, all while ensuring the creatures remain contained. Set in the 90s, the game exudes a retro charm, heavily inspired by Half-Life.

You and your colleagues (if you play with friends) will have to survive by setting up a base in one of the many office rooms. There are stoves scattered around the place to cook what you’ve grown in your makeshift garden or, if you want to get exotic, the meat you harvest from the aliens. Water can be collected from sinks or water tanks found around the place, and you will be able to sleep on a couch. While the essential survival aspects sound easy to accomplish, the facility is littered with otherworldly creatures.

In order to stand a chance against them, you will need to craft traps, weapons, and gear. However, crafting stations as well as some other structures require electricity to function. Many of the rooms have electrical outlets you can connect them to. Some crafting items are locked at the start of the game, as you need to level your character up in the corresponding skill to unlock them. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose a profession; this, along with the ability to choose negative and positive perks, will determine what stats you start with, similar to games like Project Zomboid.

As Abiotic Factor is launching in just two days, the developers have already released a roadmap detailing the next three major updates, with a Halloween event sprinkled in for fun. Their plan is to implement them over the course of 2024 and leave early access at the end of the year. 

The first major addition will be named ‘Crush Depth,’ which will add two new sections to the facility: the security and hydro plant sectors. Transportation will become easier with the addition of a teleporter, a jetpack, and an SUV. How you will drive the SUV around an office is still up for debate, but I am sure the smart people over at GATE have figured out a way. Swimming and diving will become part of the game, along with a rework of the temperature system.

In the fall, we can expect the ‘Dark Energy’ update. This one seems to focus on areas beyond the dimensional portals, adding two new ones and gatekeepers to protect them. The facility itself will also be expanded, with an overgrown reactor deep under the lab. Following this update, we will receive a Halloween update; however, no other details have been given yet.

As a finale, in winter, we will get the big 1.0 ‘Cold Fusion’ update. This will conclude the story and see us venturing outside the lab. As with all the others, we will receive new enemies, craftable objects, and resources to discover.

Will you be playing Abiotic Factor? Let me know in the comments.

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