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About the Game:

Above Snakes Preview: Unique Survival Adventure

What makes it so special?

Square Glade Games is about to release their first survival RPG Above Snakes. With gaining over 800 new wishlists every day and growing, the game might become one of the most popular survival games of spring 2023!

It is not hard to see why there are so many eyes on this upcoming game. Combining unique features not seen before in the genre with a less common setting makes this a survival game worth checking out.

Create your world

The game’s biggest draw is how you expand the world map. Many games have either an ever-expanding randomly generated world or a carefully hand-crafted map to play on.

While Above Snakes has many handmade world pieces, it is up to the player what their world will look like. Throughout the campaign, you unlock new recipes for “Tiles”. You can craft different biomes, and towns, amongst many other tiles. You start on a small piece of land in the middle of the void and to expand the world you will need to craft new tiles and lay them down where ever you want. There are over 100 world pieces giving the player a wide variety of choices on how to make their land look.

Each biome will have different resources for the player to collect and use for crafting. Above Snakes has an extensive list of items to craft. From new and stronger tools or weapons forged with new ores, you find along the way to new workstations and building pieces. 

Hunt, forage, and fish to cook dishes with various effects. Farming is another way to increase your chance of survival. Tent to the farm by watering your herbs and vegetables and speed up their growth by using fertilizer. 

You can build your own base or outposts in the world. The house-building system is grid-based and has a good variety of materials and pieces you can use. After setting up a house you can craft and place decorations to pretty up the place. These can be placed anywhere you want and are not locked to the grid. 

Above Snakes comes with a fully complete story right out of the gate. Explore and unravel what happened in this place. Not only is there a main campaign to follow which unlocks new and unique world tiles. There are also plenty of side quests to complete. 

The game will release on the 25th of May for $24,99 with a 10% Sale for the first week of release. Unlike most survival games, Above Snakes does not launch as an early-access title as it should give a complete experience right from the start. Making it perfect for people who would rather wait until the full release of a game. The game is also Steam Deck verified for those who want to play games on the go.

If you are interested in the game, you can download a free prologue on Steam right now. It has around two hours’ worth of content and the best part is, your save file will transfer over to the full game once it is released.

What are you looking forward most in Above Snakes? Let me know in the comments.

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