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About the Game:

Dysterra Preview: Surviving on the Perishing Earth

Reality MagiQ has released their sci-fi survival game Dysterra. Here is what you can expect from the game.

Story overview

The world of Dysterra is set in the future where humanity had to flee the earth after a terrible disaster. A long time ago a new ore was discovered called terrasite. This material is great for construction and makes a perfect fuel source. As man became reliant on this resource they mined more until the earth erupted into a sea of fire and ash. Humanity quickly created a space station they called Orbis where select people could live. Now, Orbis is running low on fuel and no terrasite replacement has been discovered yet. Criminals and outlaws have been sent down to earth in order to collect it and bring it back to Orbis. You are one of these outlaws.

Setting up

Upon starting the game the first thing you will see is that you can claim points. These points can be used to redeem loot boxes. These are filled with cosmetics only. 

When setting up your world for either single-player or multi-player you can choose to edit a few different options. You can change how long it takes until the disaster strikes Earth once more, the number of resources you harvest, and plenty more.

The character creation in Dysterra is very limited. There is only a hand full of different looks to choose from. 

Dysterra base raiding

Looting and Crafting

Looting and crafting are 2 core survival features and you will be doing a lot of that in this game. You can loot buildings, cabinets, enemies, and more. Some harder resources like terrasite ore deposits or rocks can be harvested with your machine arm which needs to be recharged by using batteries. 

A lot can be crafted straight from your inventory. At first, this might seem a little overwhelming but a lot of it is different tiers of armor, weapons, and a lot of different syringes… like a lot. You will be able to craft a crafting station and vehicle station later to make more advanced items as well as cars to drive around in.

Cooking is part of the game, you can hunt wild elk and bears then harvest their meat, and cook different meals but I did not find this to be necessary as a decent amount of food can be found in enemy hideouts.


When going deeper into the island you notice that 2 factions have taken over every building on this island. A red human faction called Hyena, raiding their bases is pretty straightforward. Some of them do have a teleporter that goes to the middle of the map where you can get a lot of loot. This is also where you can trade in some of your Terrasite for points. With these points, you can buy new weapons, armor, and a pass to get access to the rocket that goes back to the Orbis space station. Points can also be gained by doing daily quests.

Hyena also has control over 5 larger bases, which are specifically marked on the map with a special name that you want to clear to gain better upgrades and save the planet or destroy it of course the choice is up to you.

The green faction are robots gone evil. Their base locations are radiated so entering them is dangerous. This is where you wanna stock up on anti-radiation syringes and shoot them into your arm every 5 seconds. These locations do hold a finer quality of items so it might be worth it to check them out from time to time.

Some areas have a mech you can destroy. It guards a lot of fine quality terrasite and when you destroy it, it will drop legendary quality crafting materials.

Dysterra Mech battle


By holding F2 on your keyboard you will open your building menu. At first, this looks really overwhelming with loads of options. But you will get used to this really quickly as it has been laid out really well. You have to place down foundations to construct your base. You can build anywhere except in enemy territory or buildings. If you play online make sure your building is completely secure and your door has a password on it. In order to keep your base operational you will need to build and fuel a power core. This core protects your base from degrading over time and powers your workstations, as long as it has power of course.

This is what you can expect from Dysterra in the first few hours of play what will you decide to do, destroy Earth, save it, or take the Terrasite and run? Let me know in the comments.

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