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About the Game:

Enshrouded Brings the Blackmire Area and Players’ Most Requested Feature

Climb the biggest trees in the game.

Enshrouded has recently released The Melodies of Mire update, which adds a brand-new location, including the most requested player-based quest progression system, musical instruments, a new weapon type, and other additions.

A new landscape expansion has been introduced in this latest update, known as the Blackmire. This area is located in the northern reaches of the Revelwood region and is filled with new quests, challenges, and enemies. The Blackmire is designed for players between levels 13 and 15. The developers even recommend that more experienced players equip older gear and reset most of their skill points to get the full experience. While exploring this region, you will obtain exclusive materials, accessories, decorations, and discover a hidden survivor among the sunken ruins of the ancients.

The most requested player feature has finally been introduced. It allows players to complete quests individually. Before this update, when someone completed a mission in multiplayer, it progressed the story for everyone, regardless of whether they participated in it or not. Now, you will be able to embark on Embervale’s many quests solo and never miss out on anything. If you were already playing on a server, the missed missions are logged in the quest journal and will be replayable. Completing them will cross them off in your journal.

Another interesting addition to the game is musical instruments, which you can use to enhance the rested buff duration and replenish it while exploring the world. You can play these instruments alone or start a band with friends. You can even all wear the same outfit by using visual transmogs in your equipment menu. This allows you to wear or hide any piece of equipment you want without losing the stats of your gear, as this slot is for cosmetic purposes only.

If cosmetics are not your style, the developers introduced dual-wielded daggers, providing a new option for dexterity-based builds.

What are your thoughts on the Blackmire location? Let me know in the comments.

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