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About the Game:

Enshrouded Reveals End Game Plans

Replayability is a big priority.

After the recent update to the beloved survival RPG Enshrouded, the team over at Keen Games held an AMA that revealed details about potential upcoming features we can expect to see in the game.

The developers touched on how the current endgame is lacking in replayability, as after completing all the quests, all that is left to do is building. Some of the solutions they will be implementing will not be part of the game until it leaves the early access state. We will see the introduction of world events and instance dungeons, many more biomes, and the ability to share builds and other user generated content.

Many players were wondering if the game would have an end state, like removing the shroud altogether. While Keen Games wanted to keep it open for replayability purposes, they noticed that over the last months since the game’s release, players like to rebuild the old ruined towns. Due to this, they are now brainstorming ideas to reward this style of play.

Enshrouded building

Implementing angled voxel blocks and adding a full 360 rotation to any current structure is on the dev’s mind. However, due to the current way the interface is set up, along with other technical difficulties, they are not sure if this will ever be part of Enshrouded’s building system.

Similarly, a highly requested feature is the addition to having your base be raided by enemies, while the developers like this idea they worry that if implemented in the wrong way this can become very frustrating. NPCs will be getting a major overhaul later down the line. This should breathe more life into them and make your base come alive, along with this we can also expect a lot of new NPCs.

We got a small hint for the next major update to the game, it will add more weapon styles like the ability to dual wield.

What would you like to see in the end game of Enshrouded?

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