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About the Game:

Nightingale Makes One of the Realm’s Apex Predators More Ferocious

Humbaba could use some better hygiene.

Inflexion Games is adding the final touches to their Victorian world hoping survival game, Nightingale, which includes new additions to bosses, introduces a highly fan-requested feature, improves the world with the final animations and sound effects, and more.

The terrifying giant creature known as Humbaba (previously Ishmael) has been revamped since the last time it was shown, making it even more formidable. Its poisonous breath, which was once a singular cloud, can now fragment into clusters, making it much more dangerous. Not only did they change some of his attacks, but Humbaba also allied with a harrowing legion of Harpies. He can call upon them during the battle, so Realm Walkers have multiple enemies to deal with at once.

In the latest playtest, the developers have introduced a highly-requested feature, the ability to hold items in your offhand. Players can now equip specific items to their left hand while holding a tool in their right hand, provided it’s not a two-handed tool. Torches, umbrellas, and healing items are just a few of the items that players will be able to hold in the newly usable hand.

This feature is still in progress, meaning we can expect more items to be added to this list later down the line.

The VFX, sound, and animation departments have been doing a lot of work adding the final touches to the game to make it feel alive and magical. From the clatter of knitting needles to the beautiful roaring flames while you are smithing.

Wolves have gotten an immersive new update to their behavior. While exploring the Fae Wilds, you might witness them sleeping or relaxing when there is no danger around. However, be careful as the moment you disturb them they will attack you.

What other features would you like to see the developers add before release? Let me know in the comments.

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