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About the Game:

Once Human: Seasonal Content, Multiplayer Trailer and Closed Beta Release

Survive throughout different seasons alone or with friends.

Survival games have become very competitive over the years, with new games each trying to push the bar further and further. Once Human is one such game that gathers its inspiration from Lovecraftian horror and the SCP phenomenon, and the development team at Starry Studios has released new information on new seasonal content and the upcoming beta test.

Once Human is expected to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2024 with the newly introduced season system. Each season is going to be subdivided into different stages, with each stage offering new challenges and game features. As the season progresses, more content will be unlocked, allowing access to the full storyline and eventually allowing a final battle that will envelop the entire game world.

When asked, why seasons? The developers responded by stating, “In every season, everyone starts on an equal footing, which gives new players a chance to catch up while offering veterans a fresh challenge. This means the game will be more inclusive, enabling friends to play together even if they join the game at different times.”

Players will be able to choose from a variety of season scenarios and decide how they want to progress through them. The only season scenario that could be experienced so far is The Prime War. There are other scenarios in development, such as the Silver Gate, which is a PVP scenario accessed via Stronghold Conquest, and the faction confrontation scenario, where players can choose an NPC faction and step into the snowy and volcanic areas to the north of the main map.

Once each season comes to an end, your character and progress, along with any seasonal possessions, weapon blueprints, and even builds you have constructed, will be transferred to the Eternaland. This place is like a little pocket dimension where you can create and build whatever you want, even change gameplay rules, and of course invite friends over. 

From Eternaland, you can decide to sign up for the next season or replay it again. Just make sure to think strategically about what ammo and equipment you want to bring with you on the next adventure. 

Itching to join the fight? Then the time is almost upon you. You can already sign up for the upcoming PC and mobile beta testing, which is set to launch on April 5th.

During their last beta test, the game had 20,000 testers; this time, the developers are opening it up to 150,000 beta testers. If you have been in a previous beta test, you’re already in and will be able to log in with your previous credentials. But if you’re a new tester, keep your eye on the pre-launch download phase, as once they hit 150,000 downloads, they will close the doors.

Have you played in the previous Once Human beta? Let me know in the comments below.

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