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About the Game:

Scum: What’s New in the Latest Hell’s Kitchen Update

Become the post-apocalyptic Gordon Ramsay.

Gamepires has released the newest update for their supermax open-world survival game SCUM.

Update 0.85, also known as Hell’s Kitchen, adds many new cooking-related features, weapons, and some reworks of existing mechanics.

Become a chef

Cooking has been overhauled and expanded upon greatly. You will no longer be able to cook on just a campfire, but also on the new portable stovetops, prefab ovens, and electric ovens. 

With these new appliances, come two new ways to power them. The stove requires gas in order to run, which can be collected by finding a gas tank and filling it up at a gas station. For the ovens, you will require electricity which can be obtained by placing generators. There are currently two in the game a small one and a medium one. Along with these items, a new portable fridge has been added as well.

In order to cook more complicated dishes, you have to find the different cookbooks scattered around the world.

New location and weapons

No one is safe when the new mech enemy comes to town. This big guy comes equipped with a dual machine gun and a grenade launcher that fires flashbangs, CS gas, and more.

For those who rather use old trusty weapons, there are now three different kinds of rocket launchers, a .22 Krueger, and tear gas bombs. 

The POI east of the power plant has been finished and will require a hazmat suit in order to explore it.

Additional reworks

The way loot spawns have been altered. Upon restarting the world items in containers will no longer respawn meaning you have to go out and find more somewhere else. The devs went through every lootable location and changed what spawns were. Now you can only find items that would realistically be in the place you are looting.

Hunting has been revamped and now requires more skill than before. You will have to listen to sounds and where it comes from. Depending on the animal a different noise is heard. Follow it and you will find more clues on where the animal went.

Another addition are cigarettes, which you can smoke. Be careful as smoking too much will result in you getting nicotine poisoning which can make you dizzy or even make you vomit. 

Private server settings have been added to the game so you can have more control over your own servers without having to manually edit files.

Are you ready to become the post-apocalyptic Gordon Ramsay? Let me know what you think of this update in the comments.

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