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Smalland Releases Its First Major Update

Uncover the secrets of Giant's Fall.

Merge Games has released the first major update to their tiny open-world survival game Smalland: Survive the Wilds. 

In this free expansion, they added a new Pyrite resource that can be used to craft new weapons and armor to get an even more significant foothold over the bugs. 

You will need these stronger blades if you want to enter the newly added Giant’s Fall Chapel location, a large ruined structure complete with an underground crypt. The tunnels are filled with swarming colony spiders who live in a colony and attack in mass.

Not all is bad, as there are new NPCs. They come with new quests for you to complete. One of these also happens to be a merchant that you can trade resources with.

Smalland Merchant

Hornet is an old enemy that can now be tamed to fly around with. You just need to get a hornet mount.

Besides the new weapons, there is also a new tool added – the metal hatchet.

For the builders among you, Smalland now has a new building tier. It allows you to build metal walls, floors, and more to construct your toughest stronghold.

A new siege weapon has been added. The catapult is used to launch bugs, items or players across the map.

What is you favorite new addition to Smalland: Survive the Wilds? Let me know in the comments.

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