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Space Survival Game ‘Drift’ Launches into Early Access This Week

Will you survive after being stranded in the depths of space?

Developer KAR Games is about to release Drift, a space survival adventure similar to games like Raft.

You were sent to space only to get caught up in a disaster. Stranded in an asteroid field with nothing left but your trusty pick axe, space suit, and a few loose parts from your ship, your goal is to survive by collecting different materials floating around in space or by exploring the different biomes found amongst the rocks. 

Rebuild your very own spaceship from the ground up and decorate it with the game’s plethora of furnishing options. 

Crafting is a big part if you want to survive. Besides crafting the basics to keep you fed and breathing, there are items that will help you gather materials faster. 

Your ultimate goal will be to return home, which will not be easy. The research table will help you gain new knowledge about crafting recipes that are necessary to go back.

Drift can be played solo or with up to 8 people. You can either set up your own server or join through a Steam invite. 

After launching into early access, the developers estimate that it will take at least six months for a full release. During this time frame, we can expect plenty of new updates, which will add new biomes, flora, including additional resources, craftables, and the final research needed to complete your ship and fly back home.

Drift will enter early access on Steam on May 15th.

Are you looking forward to playing Drift? Let me know in the comments.

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