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About the Game:

Story-driven Survival Game ‘Serum’ Launches Its First Demo on February 5th

Survive in a contaminated world with dangerous mutants.

The developers over at Game Island are ready to release the first public demo for their story-driven survival adventure, Serum, where you will have to craft, brew, and battle your way through a contaminated and hostile land.

The playable preview for Serum is finally set to launch on the 5th of February. This playtest will be available for a whole week, as it extends throughout the entire duration of Steam NEXT Fest until the 12th of February. For those who have been waiting to try out this game, you can now get a sneak peek into the disturbing and dangerous world.

You step into the shoes of Adam, as his son is badly ill, and his family doesn’t have the money for the treatment, he decided to become a serum tester. Everything looked good until his final day, when after surgery he suddenly woke up at a place known as ground zero. This is where the serum first leaked and infected all living beings. You will have to survive by collecting resources, fighting mutated creatures, and brewing different versions of a serum that will keep you alive, while trying to find a way to escape the toxic place.

The demo sets up the story by introducing you to the different mechanics and your main base of operations. Once you are done with the tutorial and enter the first biome, which is blocked off by giant gates, a 45-minute timer starts. When the time runs out, the demo is over, and you will have to start over again. Another way to end the preview is by following the story along, as it will kick you out after you enter the fog, so make sure you did everything you wanted to accomplish before reaching this point of the story.

Will you be giving the demo a try? Let me know in the comments.

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