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The Outlast Trials Beta Preview: The First Experiment

Developer Red Barrels has released a closed beta for their upcoming co-op survival horror game The Outlast Trials. Here is what you need to know about this playtest.

The Sleep Room

The game starts with a tutorial, which is honestly a lot more creepy than the main game. Besides getting you introduced to the mechanics of the Outlast Trials it also sets up the story. When the tutorial is finished you will be brought to the main lobby called the sleep room. In this location, you have your own room that you can decorate. This is also where you can change the look of your character and buy new clothes with the cash you earn from completing trials. Before starting a match make sure you pick a rig. There are four different kinds, one stuns enemies, and another blinds them. If you like playing medic there is a healing rig and there is also one that gives the player Xray for a limited time. These rigs can be used during a match and work on a cool-down.

outlast trials beta

The trials

During the closed beta, there is one mission which is called snitches get stitches. You go to a police station with the goal of killing the snitch before the evil policeman gets information out of him. The tasks you will be performing while getting the guy to the execution chamber are fixing generators, finding keys to unlock doors, and of course, electrocuting the snitch. While exploring the police station you can find different items. These range from healing bottles of different kinds to bricks to throw at enemies. There are a few bad guys you have to look out for. The policeman with the teaser shows up near the end. A big guy who roams around during the halfway point. Do not get close to the random people standing around as they will hit you (you can throw a bottle at them and they will run away).

That is everything there is to do in the Outlast Trials closed beta. Did you play it and what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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