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About the Game:

Train Survival Game ‘Heat Death’ Launches New Demo and Teases Next Major Update

Explore the latest train building possibilities.

The developers of Heat Death, a chilling train survival adventure, have launched a new demo for the Steam Next Fest. It introduces building improvements and new modules, additional enemies, and a glimpse of what’s coming on release.

During our reveal for Heat Death, some players were comparing the game to the Snowpiercer movie, and for a good reason. The game takes place in a frozen world where you build a battle train and use it to overcome a variety of challenges from harsh weather conditions to hostilities in the environment.

The new update makes train building more intuitive by adding the Move feature, which allows you to shift objects more freely without removing them first. The developers have also extended the building system with new structural modules such as half-walls, half-floor, half-ceiling, and fences. If you enjoy customizing your builds to a greater extent, you can now change the color of the structural elements and choose from many stickers to add a personal touch to your mobile base design.

While the cold weather mechanic is one of the challenges in the game, the freezing world is also full of hi-tech drones. Unlike the Scrappers, neutral mining drones, the developers introduced two new Scout drones that will attack you on sight. The damage caused to your train can even stop technology from functioning before being repaired. Luckily, the new weapons system allows you to use guns remotely and defend yourself as new threats emerge. Just make sure your weapons are stocked with enough ammo or you may end up in a dire situation.

The developers have been working hard through these last months and have introduced various improvements to the game. Many changes address the player feedback related to gathering, item consumption, resource refilling, and questing to make the survival experience more engaging and challenging while avoiding the tedious. Game optimization has also been improved, so you can build a bigger train without having to worry about low performance.

Heat Death sector 87 area
Sector 87 area

You may now be wondering what to expect on the game’s release. Mass Games Dev has shared a first teaser image from the first chapter, revealing a next location behind the wall – sector 87. This new area is going to be a lot larger than what is currently available in the demo. The first chapter will not only introduce new enemies and places to explore, but we can also expect more dangerous storms that will threaten our survival. Maybe we’ll even need a better heating system in the train to endure harsher weather conditions, but it’s too early to say.

The new demo for Heat Death: Survival Train can be downloaded on Steam. The developers explained that this is the final demo before the game’s Early Access release coming later this year.

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