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About the Game:

Tribal Survival MMO ‘Soulmask’ Gets an Early Release

Harness the power of a legendary mask, alone or with friends.

Developer CampFire Studio has released an Early Access version of the much-anticipated Soulmask, almost three weeks earlier than expected. If you are like me, who has been enjoying Conan Exiles for a while now and was looking forward to something familiar, you may be surprised by what this game has to offer.

The game takes you to an ancient world, where you, known as “The Last One”, hold the power of a mysterious mask that embodies the spirits of ancient heroes. The Early Access release brings 10 masks that offer distinct appearances and special abilities, such as immortality, invisibility that allows passing through foes, shooting homing missiles with high precision, and many more. The masks can be found by exploring ancient dungeons, holy ruins, and mysterious temples.

The map of Soulmask spans 64 square kilometers and encompasses seven distinct biomes: Rainforest, Hill, Wetland, Plateau, Wasteland, Volcano, and Snow Mountain. Each region has unique environmental characteristics, including terrain, climate, creatures, resources, and challenges. While rainforests are teeming with dangerous wildlife, wetlands are known for various navigation challenges and poisonous environments. Wastelands contain radiation hazards, and the harsh winter conditions of Snow Mountains is something you want to be well-prepared for.

Soulmask holy ruins locaiton

One of the problems often experienced by travelers is how to get from one area to another without spending all day walking. Luckily, to traverse the vast game world more quickly, you can tame five unique mounts: alpacas, llamas, jaguars, ostriches, and leopards. The game also has portals that can be used to travel and reach underground areas.

While traveling, you can encounter 100 different types of creatures that allow you to practice your combat skills to become strong enough for the big battles. The game currently has 5 formidable pyramid bosses: Saber-toothed Predator, Fogfrog, Tempest Griffin, Vajra Ape, and Mammoth. If you manage to beat these bosses, you will be able to fight the most formidable final sci-fi themed boss.

soulmask vajra ape boss

The Early Access launch comes with eight weapon types, including hammers, spears, great swords, blades, dual-blades, bows, gauntlets, and shields. Each weapon class has its own set of combat skills. Gear modifications unlock new battle possibilities that can be combined with various combat skills.

In Soulmask, you can adventure as a solo player or build a tribe and work together. Not only other players will be able to help you, you can also expand your tribe with NPC followers that have 300 different talents. These talents include defending the player and attacking enemies, guarding the base, gathering resources, farming, harvesting, repairing, gear maintenance, and much more. Base building also looks promising, with hundreds of different building components and four unique structure phases available for construction.

Soulmask is now available on Steam, and while there is no release date announced for other platforms, the developers revealed that they are planning to release the game on consoles.

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