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About the Game:

V Rising: 5 Major Additions in the New 1.0 Update

The biggest survival game of 2022 has become even bigger!

Stunlock Studios has released the long-awaited 1.0 update for their popular vampire survival game V Rising. The major release brings a lot of new content, and here’s what you can find in this update.

Ruins of Mortium

A brand new region has been added to the east side of the map. This late-game area was home to the lord of vampires himself, Dracula. However, the frozen wasteland has become a battleground where you can test your strength against Dracula’s legion. New resources can be obtained by either defeating his Legion of Noctum or taking on the rifts. As this is the final area introduced to the game, it contains a lot of lore surrounding the battles between the church and the vampires that ended in the defeat of Dracula. For those looking to explore, this place is filled with ruins, on the easternmost cliffs sits the castle of the once-immortal king.

New Bosses

The Ruin of Mortuim is home to some of the strongest bosses in V Rising. Like Lord Styx, the Night Champion is one of the oldest and strongest vampires around. He dual-wields swords, and his overwhelming presence and skills on the battlefield earned him his title within the Legion of Noctum.

General Elena the Hollow, once an ordinary wife and mother, had everything torn away from her as Dracula’s army invaded her village. Captured by the Immortal King himself, he saw the potential she had. He turned her into a vampire and trained Elena to become an unstoppable killing machine. These and many more can be fought in the new area, and even the lord Dracula himself.

Castle Improvements

As you progress through the game, you come to a point where you wish to move your castle to a better location, either because it’s closer to the loot you currently need or for other reasons. Luckily, the 1.0 update will make this a lot easier. Instead of creating a second heart and slowly moving all your belongings to this new area, you will now be able to lay down a framework. With the click of a button, your entire castle will be relocated to this new area. Additionally, we now have access to many more castle decor pieces, and a unique new item that allows to play different soundtracks, like the Bloody Tears and Simon’s Theme.

Gear and Customization 

In this update, the developers put in a lot of work to customize your outfit. They added over 10 new armor sets, and these can now also be dyed in different colors. This, along with the new hairstyles that were added, will give players a wide variety of options to customize their vampires. However, looking good is not all there is; some people would rather see strength. The ancestral forge should help with this, as it allows you to upgrade your legendary weapons to their full potential.

Legacy of Castlevania

In an unexpected twist, V Rising teamed up with the most iconic vampire-slaying game, Castlevania, and introduced the legendary hunter Simon Belmont with his powerful weapon that can be unlocked after defeating him. He will be found roaming the world, so be careful.

The game has also released a new DLC pack, featuring a large selection of castle decorations like paintings, stairs, a throne, along with three shape-shifting forms, V Rising adaptations of the two iconic Castlevania soundtracks, Bloody Tears, and Simon’s Theme, as well as hairstyles.

These are the five new additions that set this update apart. There is a lot more to discover, such as new server settings, a brutal difficulty mode, full controller support, and achievements. Currently, V Rising is only available on Steam, while the Playstation 5 release has been announced and will be coming later this year.

What has been your favorite new addition to the game? Let me know in the comments.

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