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About the Game:

V Rising: How to Get Copper Early and Fast

Do you want to know how to get copper fast? Here is a quick guide on the best location to set up your base to get the most amount of copper in a short amount of time.

When leaving the tutorial location I suggest choosing the east exit. You can still teleport to this location even after choosing the west exit.

Next, you kinda want to ignore the tutorial quests since they want you to build a base but that just wastes time and you are most likely going to move closer to the location I am going to show you within the hour either way.

From the eastern Farbane Woods Waygate head North-North-West.

This map leads you to a hill that has a lot of copper surrounding it, While there is copper further south, it usually is a single node, maybe two if you are lucky.

From this hill, you can go either east or west to get even more copper since this entire lane has copper on it but around this hill seems to be the most amount of ore nodes in one location (that is safe to get to at a lower level at least).

North of this hill there is a large open area where you can set up your castle. As a bonus there is a route where some higher level humans patrol and sometimes fight, dropping some good loot.

Below here is a part of the map surrounding the hill.

The red X means there is a copper node.

The Blue X means there is a large copper node. You will need explosives to destroy these which you get from killing Clive the Firestarter.

However, as I stated before, there is a better way to find copper, but this will be way more dangerous.

If you follow the road southeast you will find a copper mine. This mine has a lot of enemies in it as well as a V Blood carrier.

I hope this helped. Do you know any other good copper locations? Let us know in the comments!

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