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About the Game:

Wizard with a Gun: Master Gunmancy to Take on the Shattered World

Wield magical bullets to freeze, burn and electrocute your foes.

With the release of Wizard with a Gun’s release almost upon us, Galvanic Games has shared gameplay footage showing some of the new magical bullets you can learn to master.

Wizard with a Gun is a cooperative sandbox, survival, and crafting game where you and a friend can journey through a destroyed realm of endless procedurally generated lands for you to visit and a plethora of enemies and bosses to destroy.

But in order to survive in the shattered world, you will have to collect and harness the myriad of resources and reagents you can find scattered about or harvested, and use the recipes in your Gunmancer Grimoire to craft an array of magical bullets to give you the upper hand.

The video shows us some of the following spell bullets for you to employ: Each spell can also be paired with additional magical powders or additional bullet chambers to allow you to craft powerful and complex spells to take on even the toughest adversaries.

If you need to take out a bunch of moving targets, then add a combination of water bullets and arcing electricity bullets to your Trusty Machine Wand, which will allow you to quickly soak your enemies with water before dropping a few electrical rounds down range and electrocuting them all in one fell swoop. Maybe you don’t have a good aim, so add some “Homing on Wet” powder, point in the general direction, and you will light them up like a pro.

If you don’t like wet socks and are more of a hothead; we’ve got just the thing for you, the Rugged Wanderbuss, and some oil and burning spell bullets, so you can become the pyromaniac you’ve always dreamed of being. As you master the power of fire and work your way up to Masterclass Magi, you can add a pinch of “Napalm powder” and a hint of “Dripping Oil” and add a larger burn area, truly bringing the burn to your foes.

You might be the kind of person who just likes to shoot and chill. Whip out your Trusty Carbine and load it up with some Freeze and Force bullets to stop your targets in their tracks in a block of ice with the Freeze Pops recipe and shatter them with the Force bullets. Want more damage or time? Then increase your effectiveness with “Ice Drill”, “Longer Freeze,” and “Shattering Force.”

And lastly, you might want a more cleaver or explorational method; mix some teleportation and ground summoning bullets, and each shot will summon a magical platform and teleport you to it, allowing you to cross vast chasms and find unique ways to get to some of the hard-to-reach places.

Wizard with a Gun will be releasing on October 17th on Steam, Xbox, and PS5. It can be preordered now, and you will receive some bonus cosmetic items such as the Wizard King costume, the Wizard Jester costume, and the Noblewomen’s hat.

I enjoyed the game demo and can’t wait to return to the Shatter World and see what magical mayhem I can conjure up.

Are you interested in some magical bullet hell? Or just want to burn it all down? Let me know in the comments below.

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