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About the Game:

Nightingale Announces the First Public Playtest

If you haven't tried the game yet, this could be your chance!

Inflexion Games, the developer behind the highly anticipated survival game Nightingale, announced their New Year’s present to the community. Coming this January, there will be a playtest test that players will be able to join. 

What can you expect from this Nightingale playtest?

You will be able to explore the Nightmare Realm, the starting zone where players start the game. It is expected that this alpha test will offer you the possibility to customize your starting experience in the realm. You will be able to choose to start with nothing to make your play-through as hard as possible, or start with gear to give yourself a fighting chance.

Nightingale automaton

The game has multiple biomes that are the desert, swamp, and forest, with their unique enemies and locations to explore. You can reach these locations by using cards at a realm portal. Placing multiple cards will customize what area, enemies, and loot will be on the other side once activated. These portals can be used to join other players. Once you find a realm you like, you can claim this as your home state and start building the base of your dreams.

There will be more to keep track of than just hunger or thirst. Nightingale has a unique start it will track over the course of the game called “Hope”. While we do not know a lot about this feature, it sounds like some sort of homesickness. It will drain when you are out exploring the world and can only be filled back up while at your base.

So if you want to playtest the game before its February 22nd release, don’t forget to apply to join the test. This can be by visiting the official Nightingale Steam page and clicking the green button that says “Request Access”.

If you get chosen, the alpha test will automatically be added to your library once Inflexion Games is ready to start the test. We will be getting a concrete date and time in the upcoming weeks.

However, keep in mind there is a chance trying to log in is going to be difficult as the point of this is to see how much the servers can handle. So if you get access, go wild!

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